Becoming an EMT

by Johnny Cook

Received Dec 2004

I am Johnny Cook. I am Schizophrenic. I am a Emergency Medical Technician - Basic. I became a E.M.T- B in 2003 of December. I have Pride in being all three. I became this because I wanted to show that people with my Illness are not a threat to society. We can help you in the greatest way. I can be a benefit in the county that shunned me. People with my illness are good people, who can be responsible and helpful.

I want to shatter any notion or inclination that we incapable of learning and or a burden.

I took my class in the beginning of august of 2003. I was a little nervous and apprehensive. Through time, I got stronger and more confident with the material. I would get grade after grade with A's and B's. There were skills practice and test sessions. All of which I passed very strong. There was a oral final and a written final to pass as well.

Some of the things I covered were anything from pediatric emergencies to substance abuse and poisoning. Also, respiratory, cardiovascular, environmental and neurological emergencies. There aspects on handling gynecological and a little pharmacology issues. There were multiple pages and instruction on the ever present issue of airway…………….all the little problems that come with it.

Internship was a blast, I had a wide array of patients. Adults, elderly, teenagers, and the babies too. From diseases to busted bones and the person who drank to much. There were all sorts of things you can imagine. Yet, I won't talk to heavily about that.
Just know this, I didn't mess up once!

I should be on ambulance soon. I wish to show that I am capable of doing the correct things in this world. I believe I can achieve that with E.M.S. work in my county. I plan to show that we are intelligent and without being boastful……brave in the face of serious medical situations.

I am a person who is mentally ill. I am a person who's been through just about anything. Pick a topic or issue, I've lived it. Thoughts, I've heard every one of them. I am person who has lives and shows he can be a help to society and change the image that we are displayed to most of America.

My advice to being well is simple. No drinking, No street drugs, No tobacco, and easy on the caffeine. Take your medication as prescribed. The problem is the brain it self….not you! Try, try, try and try. If you fail just try again…….that's all you can do sometimes in this world. Take the basic steps first. Start small and move up.

This is a true story of a man who was reduced to nothing. I have come up in the world. The pride and self - worth I feel is incredible. Hold your head up. When I do this job………..I will not mess up. When I see you on scene I will take care of you. Mentally Ill or not…….I am here to show it is possible to become a functioning member of society in this country.


Jonny Cook......I fly in any weather!



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