Schizophrenia Research and New Drug Clinical Trials

Schizophrenia Research Studies - NIMH Funded Research

Following is a list of current research efforts in schizophrenia that are looking for participants. We offer this information only as a public service, and have made no efforts to determine the validity or value of the research being performed - we encourage you to gain full information on the studies from the group performing the research. For progress in finding better treatments for schizophrenia, and ultimately a cure, research-efforts such as these need our support. However, any given research effort may or may not be appropriate for an individual and we encourage you to get fully informed about the risks and benefits prior to making the decision on enrolling in a study. If you know of new studies we should add - please let us know.

What is a clinical trial?
A clinical trial is a research study involving human participants designed to scientifically answer very specific questions about a particular treatment strategy and to learn more about the causes of illnesses.

Additional Studies:

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