Obamacare Repeal Likely a Setback for Mental Health Crisis

by Staff Memberon March 9, 2017
House Republicans who last year made good on promises to overhaul the mental health system could roll back coverage for millions of people with mental illness and addiction problems by overhauling Medicaid as part of an Obamacare repeal package, a preliminary version of which was released this week. The new legislation being marked up today would […]

New Schizophrenia Treatment Guidelines from the UK

by Staff Memberon May 6, 2014
There are new schizophrenia treatment guidelines that have been published and you can review them here in either web-format or PDF format. I think every family, caregiver or person who suffers from schizophrenia should review these new treatment guidelines to help you understand what the state of the art is as far as treatment for schizophrenia. […]