Trauma During Childhood Triples Risk of a Serious Mental Disorder in Adulthood

by Staff Memberon November 10, 2022
Childhood trauma significantly increases the risk of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder later in life. For children who experienced emotional abuse, the most prevalent disorder reported was anxiety. Trauma also increased the risks for psychosis & schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD and bipolar disorder. Suffering psychological trauma during childhood significantly increases the risk of developing […]

CDP-choline add-on Therapy to Risperidone Reduces Negative Symptoms in schizophrenia

by Staff Memberon November 3, 2022
A recent double-blind and placebo-controlled study with 66 patients with stable schizophrenia were randomized to receive either 2,500 mg/day of the nutritional supplement citicoline or placebo in addition to risperidone for 8 weeks. The citicoline group demonstrated significantly greater improvement in negative scores compared with the placebo. Patients were randomly allocated to receive either 2,500 […]


New Schizophrenia Treatment Guidelines from the UK

by Staff Memberon May 6, 2014
There are new schizophrenia treatment guidelines that have been published and you can review them here in either web-format or PDF format. I think every family, caregiver or person who suffers from schizophrenia should review these new treatment guidelines to help you understand what the state of the art is as far as treatment for schizophrenia. […]