Schizophrenia & Popular Culture
Schizophrenia Oral History Project

The Schizophrenia Oral History Project

by Staff Memberon May 22, 2014
Schizophrenia, has long been associated with stigma. The motivation to remove this stigma is what inspired the Schizophrenia Oral History Project.  The founders of this project began with a tool more commonly used among sociologists and anthropologists: oral history. Using this approach to examine schizophrenia has changed Dr. Crane’s own perspective about a disease she thought […]
Parting - A Stage Show about Schizophrenia, Hallucinations and Psychosis

Parting – A London Stage Show about Schizophrenia, Hallucinations and Delusions

by Staff Memberon March 17, 2014
A new stage show has premiered in London about schizophrenia / psychosis, hallucinations and delusions. According to Tom Stafford and the Mind Hacks site: There’s an amazing stage show at King’s Place about psychosis called Parting. The performance has been created by talented twin sister composers Effy and Litha Efthymiou Below is a video on the new stage show: […]