Schizophrenia Software Apps

New Smartphone App May Help in Schizophrenia Outcomes

by Staff Memberon April 24, 2014
The Youth Mental Health Network in the UK is doing some very innovative things in the area of early psychosis and schizophrenia; they’ve developed a new phone app to help people monitor and stay on effective treatment.  A large amount of published scientific and clinical research has shown that the earlier you get treatment for […]
EmpthEar - new smartphone / tablet app to help people develop empathy for people with schizophrenia

Empathear, The New Smartphone / Tablet App to Help People Understand Schizophrenia

by Staff Memberon March 17, 2014
A new software product/ app looks like it will soon be available for families and other people who want to understand the experience of schizophrenia better.  A New Zealand-based graduate student has created a new smartphone and tablet app to help people understand and develop empathy for what people with schizophrenia experience on a day […]