Schizophrenia Prevention

Cannabis Users Have 500% Increased Risk for Schizophrenia, Increased Risk from Alcohol and Other illegal Drugs Too

by Staff Memberon November 8, 2016
This is an important and large new study that again confirms the increased risk of psychosis for young people using cannabis, but also many other street drugs, including alcohol. (Note, we’ve included the full research paper at the end of this post). As one researcher / clinician out of Harvard has noted: Dr. Dost Öngür, […]
Preventing Schizophrenia

New Research on How to Prevent Schizophrenia

by Staff Memberon May 22, 2014
Increasingly clinical researchers are telling us that they believe that many, and perhaps most, cases of schizophrenia can be prevented through higher quality prenatal care (health of the mother prior to pregnancy, and during pregnancy) as through specific targeted nutritional, stress (including avoidance of getting the Flu during pregnancy – which is an important stressor […]