New Schizophrenia Medications

Schizophrenia News Watch – August

by Staff Memberon August 22, 2014
Following is the most interesting news on schizophrenia that we’ve found in the past month or so: Voices – Documentary about Schizophrenia, Now Planning Screenings at a City Near You Check out the list of cities that are hosting screenings on the new documentary about schizophrenia.  If there isn’t a screening in your city – […]
Columbia University Schizophrenia Study

New Study of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics Finds Haloperidol an Effective, Less-Expensive Option

by Staff Memberon May 22, 2014
A new study done by Columbia University of long-acting injectable antipsychotics for people with schizophrenia found that the newer, second-generation, medication paliperidone palmitate (Brand name Invega Sustenna by Janssen Pharmaceuticals) was no more effective than the older, less expensive haloperidol decanoate. This was so, even though the doses of the older medication given in the […]


Over 30 New Medications in Development for Schizophrenia

by Staff Memberon May 6, 2014
American biopharmaceutical research companies are currently developing almost 36 new medications for schizophrenia, and a total of 119 new medicines targeting mental health disorders, according to a new document by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the industry marketing / advocacy organization for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the USA. Some of the drugs listed […]

Minerva Neurosciences Raising $69 Million to Fund New Schizophrenia Medications

by Staff Memberon April 10, 2014
Minerva Neurosciences today filed to raise $69 million via an initial public offering (IPO).  The proceeds from this fund raising will be used to further develop and test their new drug candidates that are targeted at schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses.  We at think that its great to see new medications being developed […]

Cannabis-Derivative a Potential New Schizophrenia Treatment

by Nina Flanaganon April 8, 2014
There have been many research studies suggesting that marijuana may increase risk of schizophrenia (see here). But there is also a recent study at Harvard Medical School, led by Ashley C. Proal, that has suggested this may not be the case. This recent comparison between families with a history of schizophrenia and those without, found […]

Omeros Reports Positive Results from New Medication Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Schizophrenia

by Staff Memberon March 17, 2014
A new research report gives hope to families and people who suffer from schizophrenia that there may soon be a new medication that helps with the negative and cognitive symptoms that are so common with schizophrenia. Omeros Corporation recently announced additional positive results from a Phase 2a clinical trial of OMS824, the company’s phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE10) […]